The path that leads to the old mill comprises a succession of wooden steps and walkways which descend from the piazza Saint Venanzio down to the right bank of the Aterno. A walk through the forest accompanied by the ever increasing roar of water, allows us to observe the mill’s ancient water supply channel and the ramifications of the water canalisation system.

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The old mill, a precious element in industrial archaeology, was built at the exit of the gorge of Saint Venanzio, where the flow of the river’s waters slows down and the river becomes more manageable.

The remains of the mill are a memorial of that rural civilisation which in Raiano, as in all of Abruzzo, has long resisted progress, but that also needed ingenious tools to transform products of the land. The harmony between the building and its surrounding environment is striking.

Three stone arches are visible at the side of the building to allow the flow of the water and the pushing of the paddles which drove the millstones on the inside.